Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tribute to the Greats: George du Maurier

Have you read Trilby? I haven't. Have you heard of Trilby? If you're an author, I hope so, but I would best that a good number of authors and readers haven't. Until recently, I was among the those who had not heard of this novel, or gave much thought to the author, but Mr. Maurier deserves mention and recognition, if for no other reason that being one of the first bestselling authors whose work is still read today. 

Back in February 1895, The Bookman published the first bestsellers list. That's right, the NYT Bestsellers List is not the first. Publishers Weekly began publishing their own list after The Bookman, which makes it in my opinion, a more distinguished honor to be on than any other list, but that's for another time. Back to George.

A French-born British author, George du Maurier was the grandfather of the five young boys who inspired Peter Pan. I didn't know this. I should have, but I didn't. Maurier only published three novels, and one of those posthumously. He left behind a legacy that has lasted more than a century, and will likely last another. His work has been adapted for the stage, film, and inspired the book, Phantom of the Opera. And he wrote only three novels.

George du Maurier has certainly earned a place among the greats. 

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