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Please join me today in welcoming award-winning historical western romance author Paty Jager as we're introduced to her Letters of Fate series.
Have you ever received a letter that changed your life?

That’s the premise of my new historical western romance series, Letters of Fate. I started out with the idea of writing a Mail Order Groom series. As I pondered the idea, I decided rather than an agency or newspaper announcement bringing a woman and a man together I’d have men receive a letter that changes their life and brings them to the woman they can’t live without. This element also makes the books stand alone. One book doesn’t have to be read before the other as they are only connected by the hero receiving a letter. 

This idea allowed for more external conflicts as I tend to like to have a bit of suspense in the stories. Giving either the hero or heroine an interesting background before they meet adds more to the conflict and brings in elements that up the tension and makes the reader have more to think about than just the romance.

The heat level in these books will be anywhere from PG to R- rated. I allow my characters and their chemistry and personalities to gauge the heat level in stories. Davis is R-rated with some steamy love scenes and violence.

Several of the first books will be set in the area we moved to three years ago. I’ve found fun facts about the history surrounding the area. In Davis, the first book of the series, I am using the conflict between the cattle baron Peter French and the smaller ranchers and homesteaders in the Harney and Blitzen Valleys of SE Oregon. French had several ranch compounds. He built wire fences between his properties, blocking homesteaders from free land. He had 30-40,000 mother cows and sold that many cattle a year. He was known as a man of small stature who was loved by his employees who were loyal to him. He also had a temper and would strike out when aggravated. He was nice to children. He was such a contradiction in so many ways that I use him as a secondary character in Davis

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Davis: Letters of Fate
Widowed with two small children and a ranch to run, Mariella Swanson knows she needs help, but isn’t sure her heart, or neighbors, will accept her marrying a stranger. When the greenhorn shows up, smoking a pipe and wearing a derby hat, she can’t help but wonder if agreeing to this marriage may prove to be her biggest mistake. 

When Davis Weston receives a letter from his sister asking him to marry a friend, he scoffs at the idea. However, losing his wife and son has left him a lonely man, and the whispers from others that he didn’t do enough to save his family has gone on long enough. His arrival in Oregon may be worse—these neighbors are doing more than whispering. Guns and horses aren’t his forte. He’s willing to learn, but is he willing to love again?

Meet the Author
Award-winning author Paty Jager and her husband raise alfalfa hay in rural eastern Oregon. She not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it. All Paty’s work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. Her penchant for research takes her on side trips that eventually turn into yet another story. 

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  1. I love meeting new authors! Your books seems fascinating to read!

    1. Paty's a great author. I've enjoyed some of her books in the past and can happily recommend her. :)

    2. Hi Nicole, Thank you! I hope readers enjoy these books as much as I do writing them.

  2. Hi MK,
    Thank you for having me on your blog. I love visiting your beautiful site.

  3. I got a sneak peak at Davis. You instantly fall in love with him.

  4. Karen M., Thanks for stopping in and such kind words about Davis.