Sunday, September 13, 2015

Added to the Bookshelf: 9/12/15

I picked up a few new books at the Montana Book Festival on Saturday, and all are by authors I haven't read yet, so this should be fun. Have you read any of these or other books by one of these authors?

by Bruce Holsinger

by Christine Carbo 
(a Montana author)

by Sharon Dunn 
(Montana author)

by R.L. Syme 
(Montana author)

I also added 10-12 new Jo Goodman mass market paperback books to my shelf this past week. She's one of those authors who adds far too many unnecessary sex scenes to her books, but they're easily skipped over. Why then do I buy her books? Because she's a fantastic writer! Smart, witty, and she spins a great story.

I've just started to read Tides of Honour by Canadian author Genevieve Graham. Have you read it yet? 

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