Friday, June 6, 2014

More Downton Abbey Please

This show is genius, in my opinion of course, for two reasons: 1) It's masterfully done from the setting and costumes to the characters and writing. 2) It's come during a time when television seems to be inundated with what I like to call "junk" shows. There's a good reason why I gave up cable or satellite t.v. in my youth, but once in a while I like to buy a great show on dvd or purchase an episode on Amazon Instant Video to watch on my laptop. Otherwise, I stick to old movies that I've watched over and over again, but I digress. 

Let's get back to Downton. There could be many reasons why someone may or may not like or love this British drama, but here are the reasons why I love it. 

1. The cast. There is not one character who seems useless. Each and every actor plays their part beautifully. Whether they are mean to be adored or hated, they are all excellent. 

2. The setting. Highclere Castle is magnificent. I haven't been to England yet, but every time I see the beautiful grounds and picturesque village, I'm ready to book a flight.

3. Mary and Matthew: I've talked to some people who don't like Mary. I happen to adore her character. Add Matthew to the mix and I can watch and listen to them episode after episode, never tiring of either. Mary's strong, direct, and sometimes compassionate character is also witty, and on rare occasion, sweet. Matthew knows this about her, and I love a man who can see the best in a person. 

4. Violet: Seriously, she's amazing (the actress and the character), and really needs no great explanation. 

6. Upstairs/Downstairs Dynamic: I enjoy the staff as much as the family. Going back and forth, following the lives of those both up and down, give this show a great balance. 

5. Visit to the Highlands: If I hadn't already loved this show, it would have earned mega points with it's visit to Scotland. 

Do you watch Downton? What's your favorite element of the show?

Note: These images are obviously not my own, but I've borrowed them because it's one of those situations where I truly believe the creators of the show won't mind.

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