Monday, October 28, 2013

The Business of Bliss

I first read the line 'The Business of Bliss' as a title to a wonderful book by Victoria Magazine. Since then it has been capitalized upon many times over, but the premise is still true and not just in business. Living a life you love, doing what you love, and being around those you love are all small pieces of a living a blissful life.

Finding joy in the simplest of pleasures will have a monumental impact upon your health. Set aside the science for a moment and consider the benefits of happiness. The quiet moments, the laughter, the adventure of doing something you've never done or always dreamed of doing, looking forward to working each day, and finding satisfaction in a job well done. All of these and so much more can have a lasting and beneficial effect upon our health. From energy levels and fitness to beautiful skin and sparkling eyes.

What have you done today that brought joy into your life? If nothing, what can you do right now to find bliss? The business of bliss isn't about working, it's about life, and the moment one discovers their own secret to bliss is the moment they discover how to live a more rewarding, joyful, and healthy life.

Remember whatever you do in life has a ripple effect into all aspects of your being. Finding the balance and the bliss is key to having that beautiful inner glow and an outer beauty that is about more than just the beauty product collection in your cabinet. 

I find great bliss in living each day. Of course there may be moments when I want to "throw away" my other career, disappear into the woods, and never speak to another human being again, but those feelings only account for about 1% 5% of my life. What brings me out of those moments is knowing that I'm living each day doing something I love. I own my business, I get to write books, I live in a beautiful place, and I'm surrounded by people I love. Even on the most trying of days, there is a reason to find bliss. 

I also find that escaping this world and immersing myself in my writing, helps dissolve any frustrations the real world and work may bring. I enter the lives of my characters, solve their problems, and help them find their happiness. When I emerge from their world, I see "mine" in a new light and I find that I'm more grateful for what I have and who I am. 

The following ideas were pulled in part from a 2007 post on ZenHabits. These were inspired by a Zen way of life, but I enjoyed reading these points and I hope you do too. Take a moment to go to the original source and read the full list and rest of the article. I found the full article quite informative and enjoyable. Here is a small "taste" from that post:
  • Think positive. Try eliminating negative thinking from your life.
  • Small pleasures. Make a list of small things that give you great pleasure. Sprinkle them throughout your day. Notice other small pleasures as you go through your day.
  • Kindness. Practice random acts of kindness and compassion. Do it anonymously. Help those in need. Volunteer. Make someone smile. 
  • Health. Exercise and eat healthy — it sounds trite, but it can bring great happiness to your life.
  • Meaning. It’s often useful to find meaning, either through a church or spiritual way, or through those we love in life or through the things we’re passionate about. Give yourself a purpose.
  • Know yourself. Become attuned to what brings you happiness. Study yourself. Learn about what you love, and about your ability to love. (ZenHabits)
What brings you great joy?  What has brought you joy today? 

A note on the pictures: They're random and don't have any specific meaning except that these moments brought joy to my life. The first picture is Montana, the second are Nara and Indy enjoying winter in Vermont, and the third is from my first exploration of Scotland after checking into the inn. Some of the things that brings be great joy are trying new things, seeing new places, and spending time doing what I love, especially with the awesome pups.

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