Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Technology-Free Weekend

I needed a technology-free weekend, and I'll admit it wasn't easy. It meant staying away from my computer for two days, and for a writer that's a little insane. Otherwise, it wasn't too bad, since I don't use a phone to access the internet or email. For the record, when I say technology, I mean phones, computers, and television--I'm not willing to do without the other stuff. 
The weekend began with a hike in Jewel Basin. Unfortunately there is still a lot of snow up on the mountain, so Nara and I ended up enjoying a long trek on the trails. 

Nara got a little tired from all her running, but there was plenty of water for her to enjoy. 

We decided to take a path less traveled--my favorite kind. 

On the drive home, we met up with a few friends. I wanted to pet the bull, but I don't think he would have liked that. Unfortunately, no bears. 

It was a beautiful day! 

Wild lupine on the road home.

On Sunday, I skipped town for a long drive.

And enjoyed the lakes and mountains. 

And found a new camping spot. 

I've driven the road many times, and this was the first time I stopped to read this sign. Sad.

I'm thinking the Gallaghers would enjoy living right here. 

And if I had been around in the 40's, I could have my very own piece of Montana for less than the cost of annual health insurance premiums--crazy! I knew I should have lived in the 19th century.

Because then I could have put my ranch right here. 

And here.

But not here. This is a wildlife refuge. Can you guess how much wildlife I saw? None! I arrive and wild animals disappear. Perhaps it's a weird animal sense like the Beastmaster, only in my case, the big bad just leave me alone so I can wander freely through nature.  Perhaps not.

But it's still pretty. 

This young beauty was waiting for me when I returned home. That was nice of him. 


  1. Wionderful pictures. You must be completely rejuvenated! That was sad about the massacre.

    1. I am! The only downside is that after two days, I wanted a full week! :)