Monday, April 8, 2013

Writing Re-Charge in Glacier Park

Yesterday I escaped. There's something wonderful about leaving behind computers, televisions, and cell phones and venturing into the mountains. I don't leave behind the cell phone when I'm out hiking, or outside of the car for that matter because that would just be silly when you're trekking around in bear country. Don't forget the bear spray!

First, we had to navigate the heavy April traffic up to the park. This is the moment in the day when I went "ahhhh" because all things technological remained twenty miles behind in the office (well, except the camera, but that goes everywhere). 

Then we drove along the winding road. Don't mind the windshield streaks--we had a little rain. We could only go so far because most of the road is still closed to vehicles. It takes a while to clear the snow and make sure it's safe for travel.

The creeks are running nicely. 

Then I walked around a bit. Unfortunately I left the zoom lens in the car, so the beautiful swan is only a white speck by the shore. Good thing there wasn't an eagle around! I recently found a picture (not mine to share) where an eagle latched onto a swan mid-air. I love my eagles, but I'd rather not seem them attack something so beautiful.

It's not quite as cold as it looks. Hovered around 35° F while we were up there. Not cold enough to stay inside.

There was a big fire some years back which burned up a large section around Lake McDonald. It's healing nicely and I know will be spectacular once the trees fill back in. Mother Nature certainly knows how to keep the balance. The ducks on the lake don't seem to mind their views. 

Apparently I think root systems on long-fallen trees are cool. Said trees also make great places to sit and soak in the beauty.

When I re-charge, I require solitude and a peaceful setting, both of which I can find in the park, or in most of my favorite outdoor spots. While I'm out there, I'm still writing, plotting, planning, and thinking up new characters, but I do it armed with only my imagination, a notebook, and quiet surroundings. 

Despite the cold, early spring and autumn are my favorite seasons in the park. I find a quiet spot, close my eyes, breathe in the fresh air, and let everything go.  

How do you re-charge? 


  1. I'm not a big fan of the cold and snow. Maybe because my only experience is having to dig out from under the snow or drive in it. Perhaps I could appreciate it more if I was surrounded by this kind of scenery. I love the looking at water so clear in the creeks that you can see the bottom. Apparently it has been far too long since I've tried to recharge because I have no idea how to do it!

    1. A lot of people up here aren't big fans of cold and snow either. :) I definitely recommend re-charging! I know I'd have a tough time without a day of it each week.

  2. this is some pretty brother always drives RV to colorado in July for about 6 wks there, I am going to tell him of this -am sure he would love this area too...
    Paula O(