Monday, April 15, 2013

Montana Moments: Muses, Clutter, and Beauty

Photo ©MK McClintock
Every author has their muse, whether it's a person with whom they work closely, or a special someone in their life. In my case, it's a place. It takes little effort on my part to become inspired. The story is always inside my imagination, but once in a while it needs a little push out of the chaos that is my brain. Ofttimes, ideas and words are cluttered in my mind and staring at a computer screen doesn't help.  

Photo ©MK McClintock
When the clutter builds up, I need to get up and DO something. Whether it's for five minutes or an hour, I have to be active. Sometimes I go up to the kitchen and bake something familiar, so my mind isn't on the recipe, but rather on my story. A scene will form (perhaps a steamy kitchen scene) and I can set the timer and go back to my writing. Usually it takes only a few moments spent with my muse (the great outdoors) to clear the clutter and bring the pictures into focus.

Photo ©MK McClintock
Sometimes walking around outside is just fun and I use my cluttered mind as an excuse. 

How do you de-clutter your mind?


  1. With that beautiful scenery, it's easy to understand how you can 'de-clutter' your mind! Just gorgeous pictures. I relax and clear my mind by reading. I love getting lost in a good story.

    1. I also love to get lost in a good story. I'm reading a lot of western-based books right now and getting lost with cowboys. :)