Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The New Site is Almost Here!

The new Books & Benches website is almost here! Because so many of you are subscribed here via e-mail, we'll post a few "reminders" after the launch. This URL will automatically be redirected to the new website. However, we recommend signing up for the new site so you don't miss out on the great authors, special deals, book reviews, and more to come.

Not a fan of e-mails? We get it, and while we hope you'll change your mind, we've made it easy to follow us on some of your favorite social media sites. Just keep in mind that we don't control these sites, and can't guarantee you'll get updates in your news feeds.

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We'd like to answer a question that more than one person has asked since we announced the change: "What is different about the new site?"

Other than it's an actual website and not an old-fashioned Blogger blog (which we admit we'll kind of miss), the new site is . . . A lot like this one, only super-sized. It will basically be more of what you want: book reviews, author interviews, contests, and of course the blog will continue.

The heart and soul of the site will remain the same—to connect readers with books by giving authors a chance to share what they've written. We're not out to change the world, and this is certainly not a new concept, but we care so much about books and what they can do for people, that we feel it's important to play our part the best way we know how for as long as we're able. 
For Authors: The new website will be fully automated, which means you'll be able to submit your requests for book reviews, interviews, features, blog posts, etc, without all the fuss of multiple emails and missed deadlines for blog posts. In the meantime, you may submit review requests here.  

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