Thursday, July 28, 2016

ENCHANTRESS' SECRET: A Guest Post by Author Rain Trueax

Inspiration for authors comes from a multitude of sources. As often as not, I find a place arouses me to the potential for a book and often a series. A recent example of this began last December when walking and driving around Barrio Viejo, south of downtown Tucson. I was taking photos and enjoying the beauty of this historic neighborhood, currently in the throes of restoration.

Then it hita pueblo style townhouse and in front was a motorcycle. I saw young professionals who had helped save this neighborhood, who worked in downtown. They faced struggles, even dangers, and fell in love with the least convenient choices and at the worst times.

Much as I might like living that close to downtown, in an historic neighborhood, I already have a beloved second home north of Tucson in the desert. I can’t live in this barrio, but I can write characters who do.

Besides an interesting history (several of my Arizona historical romances revolve around the area), Barrio Viejo has a mystical element. Does it have the ghosts and spirits that my book has—well, how knows. What it does have for sure it the only known shrine to a sinner—El Tiradito where wishes come true for some—but as one of my historical heroines learned, watch out for what you wish. At El Tiradito, you may make a wish. Some stuff a paper into the adobe wall’s cracks. Others light a candle, and if it lasts all night, the wish will come true (see above). Check out the history of this shrine to see part of the appeal of this neighborhood.

Progress has a way of moving many things. It almost eliminated Barrio Viejo as the convention center and downtown interests saw more value in high rises than restored adobes. Fortunately, a group of those who loved this barrio fought for it. It now protected with its many reminders of historic Tucson like Carrillo Gardens and Elysium Grove. Not only have the homes been restored, or are in the process, but there is now more information on plaques that tell some of Tucson’s history.

As for my books, the first five to be set in Barrio Viejo will be of a family of natural born witches. Hey, with all the mystical vibes in this old neighborhood, how could there not also be witches? Book 1, Enchantress’ Secret, was out in June. Book 2 in early August is To Speak of the Unseen. The third probably in September, is titled A Price to be Paid. They are all romantic suspense with paranormal elements of the sort that… well, who really knows about mysticism. 

Rain Trueax
The Book
Denali Hemstreet, a witch, born into a family of shamans and witches, sees what happened earlier by the energies embedded in the surroundings.  As a detective in the family agency, she uses her skills, both natural and developed to solve crimes. 

Ex-seal, Nick Beringer paints with an intensity few can match, including images he does not understand. When he is accused of murder, he will soon find out there is much in the world he had no idea existed.

An idealistic witch and a hardened soldier find their mutual attraction urges them to overcome their differences to join forces, when another realm thrusts past their barriers and challenges their lives. Working from a detective agency, bookstore, and a boutique, the Hemstreet witches keep the order of the ‘old ways’ alive in the barrio.

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Print Length: 167 pages 
Publisher: Seven Oaks
Publication Date: June 2, 2016

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Meet the Author
Born in the Pacific Northwest, growing up in the foothills of the Cascades, my constants have been a love of learning, nature, ranching, art, and family. I wrote my first book when I was in my early 20s and continued writing all my life. Writing was something I did for me until self-publishing became an option and a writer could put out books their way. Today I have 11 historical romances (Oregon and Arizona) and 12 contemporary suspense and paranormal romances-- all based in the American West. I am a member of RWA, PAN, Women Writing the West, and Saguaro Romance Writers.

When writing, I work from our family sheep and cattle operation in the Oregon Coast Range, a desert home near Tucson, Arizona, or from our RV somewhere in the inter-mountain west via satellite link. Our two cat kids travel with us-- unwillingly I might add. My husband of over 50 years, who I call Ranch Boss, and I have two grown children, and four grandchildren.

In all of my romances, the underlying themes are the values of generosity, hard work, courage, community, and living true to oneself—all the while intertwining the complications of physical attraction, sexuality and outside challenges, whether, malicious or societal. I call my stories 'Romances with an Edge' as they are stories of adventure and danger. They are generally spicy (between 3 and 4 on a scale of 1-5). Characters sometimes use strong language, as suits the action.

The end of May 2016, I plan to bring out the first of what will be a paranormal romance series—The Hemstreet Witches. Each romance will stand alone, but there will be an underlying theme throughout the series-- good witches trying to make their world a better place.
Romances explore relationships and in often in the most difficult of times. The romance novel can be seen as a fairy tale for adults. There is truth in their stories, as there is in all mythologies. I think of my books as emotional roller coasters for the protagonists who take the reader along. When a romantic novel doesn't build a bridge between story and reader, it hasn't fulfilled its highest purpose.