Thursday, June 23, 2016

Excerpt from DOGS DANCE, a Historical Western Romance by Larion Wills

 Multi-published author, Larion Wills, delivers another fantastic historical western romance.
Dogs Dance by Larion Wills

One side wanted him dead, the other hoped they’d succeed, and his only friend was a simpleminded woman/child.
Jim Liberty was a low life coward, sneaking thief and liar. Everyone said so, everyone agreed, but when they pushed him one step too far, they discovered that only the sheriff, who called him a killer, really knew what he was capable of when he went on the vengeance trail.
Excerpt from Chapter One
of Dogs Dance

Ad Jorgensen whipped the reins again, then again, his arms flailing in the air. The horse, already frantic with fear, reared in its traces, fighting the reins, turning to run with the leaders of the herd bearing down on the wagon.
“They’re coming faster,” the child said quietly, barely heard over the pounding of hooves, the bawling of cattle, and the shouts of the riders driving them in wild stampede.
When the first reached them, the wagon jarred and rose up on one side. Back down with a crash, the rear pushed sideways. The horse screamed and reared, and Jorgensen’s arms still flailed, slapping the slack reins in the air until the side of the wagon rose again, pushed by the bodies thundering past. Jorgensen went to his knees on the floorboard when it dropped back to four wheels, his arms over his head, and ducked under the seat where he stayed until the bumps against the wagon ceased and the thunder of hooves faded away. The wagon stopped, the horse stomping and shaking. Anna still clutched to the wagon seat to keep from being spilled to the ground.
She sat quietly on the seat, either frozen in terror or with nowhere to go. Her father was still on his hands and knees taking up all the space between the seat and side. “Papa, the man—”
“Don’t start asking stupid questions,” he snapped at her, working out from where he’d wedged himself under the seat. On his knees, he nearly went over backward in violent recoil.
The rider sat on his lathered horse a few feet from Anna’s side of the wagon. The hat pulled down tight on his forehead shaded most of his face. His mouth and jaw were clearly visible, though, the jaw clenched to a degree the nerves in his cheeks jerked.
“Liberty, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” someone shouted.
Liberty didn’t look around, but a slight tug on his reins signaled the horse to back.
“Thank you,” Anna said.
Jorgenson’s and Liberty’s heads jerked around at her words. Liberty stared at her a moment, his amber-colored eyes shifting for a quick glance at her father before he gave her a nod and set his horse into motion with a slight nudge of his heels.
With her face eggshell white, making her eyes look bluer and larger, Anna took a deep breath and released her hold of the seat. “Nice man,” she commented.
Dragging himself up to flop on the seat next to his daughter, barely managing that much for his trembling, Jorgensen snorted. “If I had any doubts of your stupidity, you just proved it. They just tried to kill us.”
“Be silent and don’t you make a fool of yourself when we get to town.”
“Yes, Papa,” she answered, her gaze looking off in the direction Liberty rode. A moment later, the child hummed a sweet, sad song.

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing (February 19, 2016) 
Publication Date: February 19, 2016
Meet the Author
After years of writing and sticking the finished manuscript in the closet, Larion braved the publishing submitting process and presented us with a variety of genres under two pen names. Her tag, ‘two names, one author, thousands of stories’ tell you how versatile she is, whether using Larriane Wills or Larion Wills. With vivid characters and fascinating stories she ranges from historical to contemporary and even far into the future, mixing romance, suspense and mystery.

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