Saturday, May 28, 2016

Now Available for Pre-Order: PARADOX FORGED IN BLOOD by Mary Frances Fisher

Paradox Forged in Blood by Mary Frances Fisher, is now available for Pre-Order.

A murder on Millionaire’s Row.
A killer's chilling words, "Shh. I know where you live.”
A woman tormented by her guilt-ridden past.

A historical murder mystery, Paradox Forged in Blood is set in Cleveland, Ohio, during the late 1930s. Four decades after the murder of socialite Louis Sheridan, the cold case is resurrected with receipt of new evidence that transports detectives back to Nazi Germany. The only living witness, Ellen O’Malley, must confront a haunting secret and her complicit actions.

Paradox Forged in Blood by Mary Frances Fisher

Title: Paradox Forged in Blood
Author: Mary Frances Fisher
Imprint: Cambron Press
Released:  Coming August 24, 2016
ISBN: 978-0996507622
Genre: Historical Fiction
Categories: Murder, Mystery, WWII, Cleveland OH, Irish
Sexual Content Rating: Clean

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