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“You have remarkably good aim for someone with your injuries, and you’ve ruined a perfectly good pillow.” He looked at the half-filled feather pillow sitting by her side. “I supposed I deserved that.” Ramsey laughed, then leaned over and kissed her soft skin again. “Until our next delightful encounter.” His smooth laughter followed him from the room.

Excerpt from Gallagher's Choice

From Chapter 6
“I’m not staying in bed.”
“Do you need another blanket, dear?”
“I mean it. Just a little privacy so I can dress would be appreciated.”
“You’re not cold then? Perhaps just a sweater.”
“A sweater would be nice for when I go downstairs.”
“No sweater then.”
“For heaven and—”
Ramsey listened intently from the hallway, suppressing his laughter. She’s one hell of a woman, he thought, although he couldn’t decide to which woman he referred.
“Elizabeth, I appreciate your help, truly I do,” Eliza said calmly. “And don’t take this the wrong way, but please get the—”
 “Good to see you awake, Eliza,” Ramsey said, quickly stepping into the room.
Eliza’s eyes looked him over curiously and he wondered if she was attempting to figure out how long he had stood there listening.
“Awake yes, but apparently not well enough to leave this bed.” Eliza stared at Elizabeth’s retreating back.
“I’ll be back to check on you later, dear” Elizabeth said upon exiting the room.
“Your grandmother is impossible.”
“Interesting,” Ramsey murmured. “I was going to say the same of you.”
“I heard that.”
“You were meant to hear it.” Ramsey walked across the room and moved a wooden chair from its place against the wall and set it next to the bed. He occupied the chair and looked over his shoulder at the door. “How long do I have before one of your brothers walks through?”
Eliza glared at him. “Plenty of time, I imagine. They both came in earlier to annoy me with talk of the ranch. Your grandmother told them I would be fine, so they went out to work—where I should be right now.”
“Weren’t we just talking about you being impossible?”
Eliza shook her head. “You were doing all the talking. I’m just going crazy.”
Ramsey sobered. “I don’t know you well enough yet to know if you’re using that pluck of yours to avoid talking about what happened or if you’re just this ornery.”
Eliza fiddled with the edge of the quilt but remained silent.
“I’ll take that to mean you’re avoiding the subject.”
Eliza’s barely audible sigh was followed by a slight frown. “That’s probably a fair assessment.”

End of Excerpt

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Gallagher's Choice excerpt ©MK McClintock

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