Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Reader's Opinion: AISLING OF EIRE by Dorothy Keddington

The Book
A novel within a novel, and a haunting love story that spans the generations, Aisling of Eire is a memorable "must read."

Successful author Catharine Cavanagh has long been fascinated with the legendary life of her Irish gt. gt. grandmother who ran away with her coachman and came to American. When Catharine decides to write a book based on the woman's life, her own life undergoes some dramatic changes. Danger and discovery, a lost love and secrets from her own past become entwined with the events of the long ago.

My Thoughts
A wonderfully told story with a bit of romance (no smut), a bit of suspense, the main character goes back to Ireland to discover the truth of her heritage and overcomes a few obstacles along the way. An easy and enjoyable read and appropriate for almost all audiences. I haven't read this book in years, but I do remember how much I enjoyed the story. I look forward to going back and reading it again. 

Edition: Hardcover
Source: Reader's personal library

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