Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oops! Followers No More and a Book Giveaway

I recently noticed a sudden drop in my blog followers via Google Friend Connect (that little widget off to the right). I could understand a few here and there but 60 losses within a few days seemed extreme. I then contacted Google to find out what was going on and I was directed to this message: Oops! Apparently, I don't keep up with news and notices. 

Luckily, some of those followers figured it out before me and now follow the blog via e-mail. If you don't have a Google account but have followed via GFC in the past, then chances are you'll end up among the fallen. If you'd like to continue following this blog (and I sincerely hope you will), then I encourage you to follow via Google+ (yes, you'll need a Google account) or via e-mail (that handy little gadget in the top left sidebar). 

Book Giveaway
What better way to thank existing (and new followers) than "cleaning off my bookshelf" and giving those books to blog readers!

Enter using the form below for a chance to win one of the book prizes. Sorry, but print books are limited to US shipping only. If a winner is international, they will receive an e-book edition. Ends 2/5/2016.

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