Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Philip worked in the theater in British Columbia Canada before moving to England to study acting in London. After graduation he traveled through Europe finally working as a deck hand on a freighter plying the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas before returning to the theater and film work in Canada. On one project he had the opportunity to raise a black bear, who had been rescued by fish and wildlife, to the age of 2.5 years of age  from a few weeks after birth. Currently residing in Oregon Philip now focuses his energies on getting kids through college and the production of audio books from his studio in Portland.

"I loved the story, but I also loved the narration by Alan Philip Ormond. Not only is his voice lovely to listen to, but his different inflections for the different characters are great. He also had perfect pacing of the words in telling the story. Loved it!" —Terri C., Audible listener

"This book comforted me thinking that even in the old days there were men who knew how to take care of their family and protect them." — Joyce K. Retherford, Audible listener

"This audiobook is full of entertainment. The relationship between Gabriel and Isabel, though happening fast was sincere and beautiful. I have to say the relationship between Andrew and Gabriel made my heart melt. Gabriel took this five year old into his life and made Andrew come out of his shell. Love the scenes between them. I also love that even though Ethan and Brenna's story was book one, their characters are still major players in book two. So many times you lose the fluency and consistency as a series continue. Lots of suspense and unanswered questions has me starting book three immediately. I am entrenched in this family and how Eliza and Ramsey will play out . . ." 
Patricia, Audible listener

"If you could sum up Gallagher's Hope in three words, what would they be?
Romance - the continued romance of Brenna and Ethan, The new romance of Isabelle and Gabriel.
Suspense - This kept me listening to all hours of the night.
Wonder - I had to know where the family went after this book, so off to book 3." 
—Lynn, Audible listener

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