Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend, First Snow, and Montana Book Festival 2015

First, I'll say Happy Labor Day to everyone! I always have the best of intentions of taking the three day weekend and just playing, but that rarely happens.  When you enjoy work and your backyard playground looks like this, then life is kind of already a vacation. Not to say it's not without challenges, but bumps in the road make life interesting.

June in Glacier National Park by MK McClintock
It was rainy and gloomy on Saturday—my favorite type of weather—but the rain was more of a gentle shower which isn't enough to keep me inside. Nara and I enjoyed our daily stroll while I relished in the mist hovering over the mountains, and the pine-fresh scent of the air. I was domestic for a couple of hours putting the house in order, then I hunkered down for a long session at the desktop to finish up my rewrites on the new book.

Sunday morning brought more rain and clouds, but also a bit of sunshine. I managed to rest and read in the afternoon. Another walk was called for, and then more reading and a few straggling pages of rewrites. I was determined to finish and deliver the manuscript to the editor before 9:00 PM so I could take a day off without guilt.

It's Monday, and a day not for spending at the computer. After a bit of sunrise yoga followed by a walk, I might go for a drive along one of our quiet roads, snap some pictures, and then get back to the next Crooked Creek short story. Once a story begins to percolate in my mind, it wants my full attention. I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend, and hopefully you have today off!

Going to the Sun Road in June by MK McClintock
I didn't go up to Glacier this summer for two reasons: fires and tourists. The smoke was bad enough down by the lake, and I didn't want to venture into the flames, so to speak. I love that people not from around have the opportunity to enjoy NW Montana's beauty, but bumper to bumper traffic on a weekend that I'm supposed to be relaxing isn't well, relaxing. Because I didn't get my summer Glacier fix, I was looking through pictures from the last two summers and fondly remembered the snow and lush green blending together, and best of all, no smoke! The smoke has cleared away in the valley thanks to cooler temps and rain, so I'll be venturing up to the park soon. Besides, autumn is my favorite season in Glacier.

And in some really exciting news—or at least exciting for me—is that we have snow! Granted, it's only on the mountains, and there's a strong possibility that most of it will melt before we get a true "first snow," but I was beyond giddy when I saw the clouds hovering over the mountains, and just below a beautiful dusting of heavenly white snow.

"First Snow" on the Mountains by MK
Now, it's time to tell you about the main reason for this post.

The Montana Book Festival will take place in Missoula from September 10-12. Seeing as how I'm what some would call a hermit, I won't be in attendance all three days, but I plan to make it down for a couple of workshops on Friday, the authors' reception Friday night, and then a few fellow MT authors and I will have a booth on Saturday. If you're in the area, we'd all love to meet you!

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