Monday, September 28, 2015

How Music Inspires My Writing

Music is as inspiring as the written word. Both are poetry, passion, mystery, drama, and both can convey the rawest of human emotion if executed properly. My writing sessions always consist of music: classical and soft Celtic for writing and rewrites and a mix for edits depending upon deep or far into the process. Once in a while, I need something different from my usual; not too loud and not too soft. I'll head to YouTube to scope out different artists (I like putting a face to the voice), and sometimes I come across an artist whose voice not only soothes and entertains, but inspires and uplifts.

Some authors need silence, but I need to shut out the drone of the world and music helps me refocus my thoughts from the mundane tasks of life back to the creative.

This rendition of "It All Fades Away" as sung by Steven Pasquale is one such song and artist. I couldn't help but to cease all I was doing and listen all the way through. Then I listened again, and again, and put it on rotation while I dove back into writing.

I never know if a song or book, or anything which touches me this way will have the same affect on others, but I'll share it with you just the same. 

A few of my favorite artists to enjoy while writing include: 

David Arkenstone
Kevin Kern
Celtic Woman
Tim Janis
Gary Stadler
and now . . . Steven Pasquale

How does music play a roll in your life? Who are some of your favorite artists? 


  1. I can't imagine life without music! I listen to it as I write, and each of my characters has a favorite type of music. I was making music before I learned to read or write. Enjoyed your post! --katie o'boyle

    1. I can't either! I like how each of your characters has a favorite type. I suppose mine do, too, though I never really thought about it. Do you play an instrument or sing?