Wednesday, August 12, 2015

19th-Century Recipe for a Cowboy and Cover Makeovers

Amidst the rugged beauty of Montana is a ranch known as Hawk's Peak, and in case you haven't met them yet, these are the cowboys of Hawk's Peak, and a little recipe on how to wrangle one of your own.

Ethan Gallagher (Gallagher's Pride) is stubborn and sometimes infuriating. He's also gorgeous, chivalrous and for the right woman, he has a heart bigger than the big sky.

Gabriel Gallagher (Gallagher's Hope) is charming and easy-going. He's also ruggedly handsome, chivalrous, and for the right woman, he'll find a way to give her the stars.

Ramsey Hunter (Gallagher's Choice) is a quiet drifter who enjoys solitude. He's also a darker, handsome version of his sister, chivalrous, and for the right woman, he'll give up his drifter ways.

19th-Century Recipe for a Cowboy 
by MK McClintock

Equal parts tall, dark, and handsome
2 parts horse expert
2 parts chivalry
A heaping spoonful of loyalty
1 part cattle wrangler
A dash of superior lip skills
A dollop of 'willing to move heaven and earth for the woman he loves'
Bake at steaming hot temperatures until full cooked.
Enjoy at your leisure.

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 The Gallagher trilogy book covers received a makeover! 
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