Monday, June 22, 2015

Spotlight on "Between Love & Lies" by Jacqui Nelson

Between Heaven & Hell
On a trail full of danger, will he guide her to heaven or hell?
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas - 1850

Hannah knows one thing the moment she enters Fort Leavenworthshe's arrived in Hell. But inside the fort is the means to a new life, a position as a scout on a wagon train bound for the Western Territories. All Hannah has to do is convince the wagon master, Paden Callahan, she's the right person for the job.

After his wife was murdered by the Comanche, Paden let his work as a Texas Ranger consume him. Now he wants nothing more than to forget his past and disappear into the West. Unfortunately, the one man he can't refuse has asked him to guide a wagon train full of tenderfoots across thousands of miles of Indian land. But Paden's greatest challenge turns out to be Hannah, a woman his heart won't allow him to ignore even though she's been raised by an enemy he hates.


2010 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® - Historical Romance Winner
2010 North Texas Romance Writers of America Great Expectations - Finalist
2009 Silicon Valley Romance Writers of America Gotcha! - Winner
2009 Missouri Romance Writers of America Gateway to the Best - Finalist

Between Love & Lies
In a town ruled by sin, will he earn her love or her lies?

Dodge City, Kansas - 1877

Sadie Sullivan lost everything when a herd of longhorn cattle bound for Dodge City destroyed her farm.

Now, a year later, she works in Dodgeone of the most lawless towns in the Westat the Northern Star saloon. But her survival in this new world of sin and violence depends on maintaining a lie so deadly it could end her life before the town of Dodge can.

The one man capable of unraveling Sadie's secrets is Noah Ballantyne, the cattle rancher whose herd destroyed her home. Back in town and taking up the role of Deputy Marshal, Noah vows he won't leave until he's put things right. But with the Northern Star's owner refusing to let Sadie go, a rich cattle baron hell-bent on making Sadie his mistress, and Sadie's health deteriorating from a life-threatening illness, things won't be easy. Especially when Sadie's unwilling to trust Noah with her love or her lies. 

2013 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart® - Historical Romance Finalist
2010 The Golden Network Golden Pen Finalist
2010 San Francisco Area Romance Writers of America Heart to Heart - Winner
2010 Tampa Area Romance Authors TARA - Finalist
2010 Virginia Romance Writers Fool for Love - Finalist
2010 Hearts Through History Romance Writers Romance Through the Ages - Legend Category - Most Memorable Hero Finalist
Meet the Author 
Jacqui Nelson writes historical romantic adventures set in the American West and Victorian London. Jacqui's love for the Old West came from watching classic Western movies while growing up on a cattle farm. Her passion for Victorian London wasn't far behind and only increased when she worked in England and explored the nooks and crannies of London on her weekends. She now lives on the west coast of Canada where she works in a bookstore. She is a Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® winner and three-time finalist.

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