Wednesday, June 17, 2015

New Release: TWICE UPON A KISS by Jane Susann MacCarter

Congratulations to author Jane Susann MacCarter on the release of her new YA Romance Novel (with an historic twist)!
Twice Upon A Kiss
Omnific Publishing | 330 pages | ISBN 9781623421946
June 16, 2015

College senior Stella Denton has very few prospects and even fewer suitors—i.e. none—when a gunshot wound to the head catapults her from her life in 21st century Minneapolis to Jarmo, a real-life hunter-gatherer society circa 7000 BCE, located in what will become modern-day Iraq. As Stella starts living sequentially in both the past and the present, she finds, much to her surprise, that she thrives far more in the ancient society of Jarmo.

Life in ancient times, though, is not always idyllic and peaceful. An impending war in Jarmo could get her people slaughtered unless she takes immediate action to save herself and her tribe. Yet having something worth fighting for—even dying for—makes Stella feel more alive than she ever has in her mundane modern existence.

During her dual-life journey, Stella draws the interest of Dr. Vale, an unappreciated thirty-something professor of paleoanthropology; charismatic Chieftain Harry of the Jarmo tribe; and young Ashur, a prehistoric teenager in need of lessons in love. When the time comes to make an irrevocable choice between her two lives, will Stella choose down-to-earth reality or the allure of the unknown?

Praise for Twice Upon A Kiss
"I recommend this book to readers who want to learn from a book which is full of beautiful and enticing descriptions of a place far back in pre-historic times, and notice life-learning hidden messages throughout the story; someone who enjoys a story bundled with an abundance of raw and passionate romance, humor, great characters and loads of new found excitement." —Readiculously Peachy

"The world building is fantastic, the descriptions of Jarmo spot on in my opinion for a village of that time, the author clearly did her research, and I loved how Stella was able to grow emotionally and learn there." —CoffeeTimeRomance and More

"Can't get my mind off Jarmo.  Fantastic... a beautiful story. I do not want to let go." —Fred Caruso, author, BORN AGAIN IRISH

"OMG! Enthralling, gripping..." —Susan Arritt, author, DESERTS

"I was SPELLBOUND by this book...very, VERY compelling." —Annie oH lala, Amazon reviewer

"Mesmerizing tale about living alternate lives...great anthropological love story." —M. D. Mangel, Amazon reviewer

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Meet the Author
Jane Susann MacCarter is a Montana-based writer who was once peed upon by 850,000 bats as she (and the bats) simultaneously exited Carlsbad Caverns at dusk via a seldom-used egress. (Later, she swore it felt and smelled like being misted with lemon-scented perfume--really.

Originally from Minnesota, MacCarter came into her own once she moved to New Mexico. There, she hobnobbed with psychic channelers and endangered species biologists, billionaires and game wardens, once cooked pasta with a filmstar, was jumped on by a mountain lion, and finished a half-eaten sandwich that was originally Ted Turner's. She now lives in Montana near Yellowstone National Park.

Author of a nonfiction nature guide and later a self-published novel DREAMER, MacCarter has written a romantic/adventure novel of simultaneous realities, TWICE UPON A KISS, now available from Omnific Publishing, distributed by Simon & Schuster.

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