Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Reader's Opinion: "True to the Law" by Jo Goodman

"….Engaging characters and a well-plotted story will captivate the reader all the way to the satisfying conclusion." --Publishers Weekly

The Book
He was on the hunt for a runaway beauty . . .Find her” is the only instruction that private detective Cobb Bridger receives from Richard Mackey. The scion of a wealthy Chicago family, Mackey is desperate to know the whereabouts of the woman who disappeared from his employ, taking with her something of great value. Intrigued as much by what Mackey won’t say about the missing item as he is by Mackey’s description of the missing woman, Cobb accepts the assignment.

And the one true lie that could destroy them both.
Bitter Springs, Wyoming, has a new schoolteacher who may or may not be exactly what she seems. Upon making the acquaintance of Miss Tru Morrow, Cobb begins to question the guilt of this golden-haired lady—and the protective feelings she stirs in him. His investigation hinges on understanding where the truth lies. Can he believe in Tru? Or is she just another treacherous woman out to swindle this hardened detective’s heart?

A Reader's Opinon
The second addition to the Bitter Springs series by Jo Goodman is just as good as the first. I've grown quite fond of the residents in this small Wyoming town, and Cobb and Tru are two great additions. We meet some old friends and gain a few new ones, none of whom disappoint. Cobb Bridger is a man worth admiring and Richard Mackey is a man worth despising. Tru Morrow has her secrets, but she doesn't allow them to stand in the way of living the life she wants. Read the book summary  to get an idea of the story and then read the book. If you love historical western romances, then I highly recommend giving this author's books a try. 

Reviewed by MK

Edition Reviewed: Mass Market Paperback

Source: My own collection 
Content note: Super steamy, but written well. 

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