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A Woman's Point of View: An Interview with Rhona and Anne

I have been on many adventures of my own, but none that can rival those of my characters. The heroines and the British Agents have embarked on some of the most grand adventures, often finding themselves in precarious situations, but that doesn't hold them back.

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Book Three - May 15, 2015
MK: Anne, you've truly outdone yourself for my visit to your beautiful home. I keep thinking that I'm in a dream, but I really am here at Greyson Hall.

Anne: I've been looking forward to this visit for weeks! Rhona tells me that you've visited England before.

MK: I did have the pleasure of joining Rhona and Alaina last year at Claiborne Manor. I'm sorry she couldn't be with us today.

Rhona: We all such a marvelous time last year, and Alaina sends her regards. Tristan whisked his family off to a tour of the continent before their new baby is born.

MK: What an adventure, and what marvelous men you have in your lives. 

Anne: We are blessed. I never allowed myself to believe I'd meet a man like Devon. 

MK: Rhona, do you recall your reticence in revealing anything about Devon's personal life? 

Anne scoots forward on her seat. 

Anne: Really? Come now, don't leave me in suspense. 

MK: I asked if Devon had someone special in his life, but it remained quite hush-hush. 

Rhona: Well, we couldn't confirm anything. You must understand, my dear Anne, that we all believed Devon would remain well and truly a bachelor. Thank goodness you came along. 

Anne: To be honest, I would have agreed with you. 

MK: You mean, you didn't know a relationship might transpire between you and Devon? 

Anne laughs, and it lights up her Irish green eyes. 

Anne: Not at all. Oh, he was charming and handsome, and any woman with eyes and heart would fall for that man, but I had more pressing concerns. 

Rhona: How we worried about you back then. 
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MK: Don't leave me wanting. What happened?

Anne glances at Rhona and grins. 

Anne: I may have gotten into a bit of trouble. 

Rhona: After all the difficulty Devon had keeping you out of trouble! 

Anne: I was difficult, wasn't I? However, it was all for the greater good, and don't forget, we triumphed!

MK: If you had to do anything over again, would you change any of your actions? 

Rhona: Well . . .

Anne: I suppose . . .

Rhona looks at Anne with a cheeky smile. 

Rhona: We could have been more obedient. Caused our men less trouble. 

Anne: Perhaps, but you know they love the challenge, Rhona. 

MK: What kind of trouble did you get yourself into, Anne? 

Anne: Devon was determined to keep me safe, but once I knew my family was safe, I felt compelled to assist in the investigation. 

MK: Like Rhona did before? 

Rhona: Not exactly. More like Alaina's involvement. 

Anne: Without the kidnappings. 

Rhona: Of course.

MK: Oh my. No details? 

Anne: I'm sworn to secrecy. These men take their oaths quite seriously. 

Rhona: We can tell her about . . .

Anne: Do you think? 

Rhona nods and grins at MK, then indicates Anne.
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Rhona: This one has an imagination. 

Anne: What was I to do when faced with such a situation? I did the only thing I could think of at the time. 

MK: You really must tell me. 

Anne: There was a cloak and a dagger, and there might have been a . . . no, I cannot say anything more. However, I've gotten it into my head to write a book about our adventures, and within it, all secrets will be revealed. 

MK: You've intrigued me to the point where I must know what happened. When may I read it? 

Anne: Soon, my dear MK, soon. 

Rhona: Alaina and I are helping her, too. Anne will pen it, but we've had a jolly time recounting our own adventures. 

MK: As always, your lives fascinate me, and I am a bit envious. What adventures will you embark upon next? You must have more adventures and travels, and perhaps more cases to solve. Please don't tell me it's over.

Anne and Rhona exchange one of their knowing glances.

Anne: Certainly not over. 

Rhona: Most definitely not over.

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