Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Visit to Ennis, Montana and Virginia City

I first arrived in Montana in 1999. I've come and gone a number of times, but in all those years, I never once took the time to explore as much of the state as I have in recent months. I'll admit that I wasn't fond of every place I visited, which meant that I didn't bother to take my camera out, but the Bozeman area impressed me. I've only ever driven through, and that was some years ago. 

The area is clean, vibrant, and possesses a wide-open-space beauty that is unparalleled. Ennis is about an hour southwest of Bozeman, and once you get out of the city and into the countryside, you'll be treated to some magnificent scenery. I've always been more partial to lush, tree-filled places, but in my opinion, the Ennis area is how I always pictured the wide open west to look like. 

Ennis is a sleepy little town in the winter, but I enjoyed a bit of shopping and a stroll down the streets of this small western-style town. 

There are a lot of pictures below, or you can just enjoy the video.

Virginia City was not quite what I expected. I've visited ghost towns before, I always picture dirt streets and abandoned buildings. Well, one out of two isn't bad. I drove down there because I was expecting some events, but when we arrived, not an event or person was to be seen. The old preserved buildings are pictured, but what I left out was the rest of the town because I liked to picture the old west without the modern influence. 

If they had kept the original town separate from the new additions, it would be an awesome place to visit. I'd recommend going during the summer when there are events and the shops are actually open. 

Do you prefer to visit small out-of-the-way places or big cities where there's a lot to do?

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