Sunday, January 25, 2015


From Chapter 12
“I do believe I’ll join you for these games more often, little brother.”
    “You do and I’ll be out of my share of the ranch in no time.”
    The brothers shared their good humor as they walked back from the bunkhouse in the darkness. Ethan had let some of his frustrations out by beating up on his brother in the stable after dinner. He had found him there checking on one of the geldings who had cut its leg on a rock two days ago.
    It didn’t take long for Gabriel to realize what his brother wanted, and he was happy to accommodate him. When both of them fell over, tired and dirty and unable to exert any more energy, they laughed.
    “Feeling better?”
   “Actually, no, but at least now I’m too tired to care about it,” Ethan said with a half scowl, half grin.
   “In that case why don’t you join the boys and me for that game?”
   “Don’t mind if I do.”
   That ended Gabriel’s winning streak, but since his brother seemed to be in slightly better spirits, he had no complaints about the lost money.
   Just when they reached the steps of the porch, Ethan stopped.
   “What’s wrong?”
   Ethan shook his head and held up a hand to silence his brother.
  A strange and foreign sensation, deep inside of him, couldn’t be shaken. Panic slowly settled in as he recognized the feeling as emptiness. The only reason he could possibly be feeling that is if Brenna was gone. 


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