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Letters from Hawk's Peak: December 5, 1883

A collection of letters have been unearthed from the historic Hawk's Peak ranch by the descendents of Ethan and Brenna Gallagher. These letters give us greater insight into the lives of all the Gallaghers during the late 1800's, and will be shared over the next several months here with historic copies posted on the website

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December 5, 1883

Dearest Maggie,

I know as I write this that you may not yet have received my last letter. There is always a new story to tell you and I fear that if I do not make note of them that I will forget. I've mentioned the wolves, but it seems that the wild creatures of this land are eager to make known their presence. A bear, or what Ethan told me was a grizzly, wandered onto Hawk's Peak land yesterday. The men watched it closely, but it did not venture too close to the house or livestock. Gabriel said they haven't seen a bear on the property this late in the season, and I cannot help but hope that it's for my benefit, though I know it is not.

I have learned that the Gallaghers, and many others out here, believe that they do not own the land, but rather borrow it and see to its care for the land belongs to the earth and the creatures who have lived upon it long before man came along and erected their homes. It pleases me to know that this belief will be passed down to our children, and I can only pray that the beauty will be preserved long after we have left this earth. 

I have learned that Amanda, I have told you about her have I not, has a fair hand with sketches. I have asked her to draw a likeness of the ranch so that I may send it to you. I miss you both so much, and I miss my other home and of course, Heather. Is she still well? I have talked with Ethan again about bringing her back to Montana, but have decided that the journey would be too difficult. And, in truth, I wish her to live out her life on Highland soil. 

I have hesitated to wait before another man is hired to help Iain, for it will be months yet. Please see to it, and if Iain is put out, tell him it's only out of our love for him. I take comfort in knowing that I will see you all soon and that you are there to fill the manor with life and love. Be well and look after yourselves.

Ethan, Jacob, and I send Christmas wishes across the miles. 

Your Brenna

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