Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Letters from Hawk's Peak: December 2, 1883

A collection of letters have been unearthed from the historic Hawk's Peak ranch by the descendents of Ethan and Brenna Gallagher. These letters give us greater insight into the lives of all the Gallaghers during the late 1800's, and will be shared over the next several months here with historic copies posted on the website.

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December 2, 1883

Our Darling Brenna,

Iain and I thank you with all our hearts for your letters. We feel as though we're with you in that rugged land so far away. Our old bones make travel difficult and are grateful to visit your new world through your words and stories. Although we do know that your home is now in Montana with your husband and new family, Cameron Manor is holding strong and ready for your return. It will make a fitting home for your children one day, and I pray they come to love your Highland home as much as you do. 

There is a new tenant farmer. Do you remember Samuel Bruis? His son, Cormac, has taken over the tenancy, and Iain is quite pleased with his hard work and plans for the future. Iain has plans of his own for the future. He wants to ensure that Cameron Manor is looked after long after we're gone. My dear heart is far too stubborn to admit it now, but I know he needs help. Perhaps you know how to get him to accept it without wounding the dear man's pride.

The wind is frigid and the heather covered in snow, but we keep warm in the home and in our hearts. Your dear sweet Heather misses you, but will rejoice when she sees you once again. Iain has taken to riding her or walking her along the pond daily. We have decorated the manor early this year, just as you always wanted to do. Is Christmas so very different there?

We send you our love across the seas and miles.


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