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October 2014 Giveaway with Author Regan Walker

October 2014 Giveaway
The bestselling Regan Walker is this month's Books & Benches featured author!

The Red Wolf's Prize
“Regan Walker has delivered an exciting tale and a passionate love story that brings to life England after the Conquest—medieval romance at its best!" Virginia Henley New York Times Bestselling Author

 When William the Conqueror awards her lands and her body to a fierce Norman knight, a determined English maiden disguises herself as a servant while plotting to reclaim all she has lost.

Set in England in 1068 AD, two years after the Norman Conquest, it features William the Conqueror as a character and both the Siege of Exeter and the Battle of York ...and a love story for the ages!

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Sir Renaud de Pierrepont, the Norman knight known as the Red Wolf for the beast he slayed with his bare hands, hoped to gain lands with his sword. A year after the Conquest, King William rewards his favored knight with Talisand, the lands of an English thegn slain at Hastings, and orders him to wed Lady Serena, the heiress that goes with them.

Serena wants nothing to do with the fierce warrior to whom she has been unwillingly given, the knight who may have killed her father. When she learns the Red Wolf is coming to claim her, she dyes her flaxen hair brown and flees, disguised as a servant, determined to one day regain her lands. But her escape goes awry and she is brought back to live among her people, though not unnoticed by the new Norman lord.

Deprived of his promised bride, the Red Wolf turns his attention to the comely servant girl hoping to woo her to his bed. But the wench resists, claiming she hates all Normans.

As the passion between them rises, Serena wonders, can she deny the Norman her body? Or her heart?

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  1. I'm very eager to read this and thoroughly enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks so much.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  2. I forgot to mention one of my favorite books/series is Outlander
    I love Jamie and Claire and all the history involved as well.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot ) com