Thursday, October 16, 2014

Notable Authors from History: Grace Stone Coates (1881-1976)

We're heading north to Montana for this tribute of Grace Stone Coates, and author of short stories, poetry, new articles, and novels. Her first novel, Black Cherries, was published in 1931. Originally from Kansas, Coates finished high school before attending three universities, finally obtaining her teaching certificate. 
She moved to Montana to teach, and she also met her husband. They moved to Martinsdale, Montana where she continued to teach. It was here in this remote part of the state where Coates began to write. With the mountains and wide-open spaces as an inspiring setting, it's no wonder Cotes turned to writing. Coates published over one hundred short stories and poems, and authored four books.

I often wonder if some writers from history were driven to write out of boredom or because of a driving need. In Coates case, I imagine it was a combination of the two. Living in a place like Montana, remote and far-removed from cities and most civilization, a person can find themselves too often alone. Writing would have been a satisfying way to fill that void.

Grace Stone Coates has earned a place among the great and notable who sometimes, and too often, go unnoticed.

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