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Letters from Hawk's Peak: October 20, 1883

A collection of letters have been unearthed from the historic Hawk's Peak ranch by the descendents of Ethan and Brenna Gallagher. These letters give us greater insight into the lives of all the Gallaghers during the late 1800's, and will be shared over the next several months here with historic copies posted on the website.  

Read Brenna's letter to Iain dated October 12, 1883.

October 20, 1883
Dearest Maggie,                                                                                                         

You’d be pleased to know that our beloved All Hallow’s Eve is celebrated with great honor and much enjoyment over here. I still remember when Da used to read Hallowe'n. Robbie Burns will be pleased to know that the tradition lives on. Thank you for sending me Da’s copy. I’ve fond memories of the costumes you used to sew for me, and hope you’ve kept them for I may have need of them in the future. I am not as skilled with a needle as you, but Elizabeth has helped create a frightful and ghoulish costume for Jacob. Snow has already fallen on the ranch, but Ethan has promised a bonfire outside if the weather holds. Will you light a bonfire this season? I hope the manor is not too quiet for you and Iain. I promise that when the Gallagher clan comes to visit, you will wish for quiet once more.

Jacob sat on a horse for the first time today without Ethan behind him. I might have been furious had Jacob not looked to be having so much fun. Of course, Ethan would never allow anything to happen to our son, but I fear my wee bairn is growing too quickly for my liking. A horse today and a rifle tomorrow, or so it feels at times. I am blessed that Jacob’s has a good father who loves him and will teach him well, just as Da did for me.

You hinted in your letters that all might not be well with Iain. Please tell me he is in good health for I could not bear for anything to ever happen to either of you. Perhaps it is the mother in me who worries so, but do let me know truly that all is well.

Elizabeth and Amanda are determined to teach me how to cook, and I will be late for my lesson if I do not end this letter and make my way to the kitchen. I realize now that I have not told you the story of our Amanda. Oh, Maggie, there is so much that I’ve neglected to say, but in good time you will know all. Until then, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I miss you both with all my heart.

With love,
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Kreis Pond Montana Photo Credit: SheldonPhotography via photopin cc

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