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Letter's from Hawk's Peak: November 13, 1883

A collection of letters have been unearthed from the historic Hawk's Peak ranch by the descendents of Ethan and Brenna Gallagher. These letters give us greater insight into the lives of all the Gallaghers during the late 1800's, and will be shared over the next several months here with historic copies posted on the website

Photo Credit: Art Babych via photopin cc

November 13, 1883

Dearest Maggie,

We have more snow at the ranch this year than I recall ever having in Scotland, and yet, the cold doesn't seep into the bones the way it does back home. Yes, I still call Scotland home, as much as call Montana my home. Highland blood still runs deep within me.  

I had a most frightening encounter with a wolf yesterday. Eliza and Amanda encountered a small pack of them last year, but this is the first I've seen one up close. Dare I say it without sounding crazy? She was beautiful. Of course, had I been paying attention to how far away I was riding from our group, and if Ramsey had not been such a good aim with a gun as to scare off the animal, I'm not certain what would have happened. One day I hope to show you this magnificent land. 

The hawks for which this ranch is named have built a new next nearby. We don't see them as often as the eagles that often soar over the house. Jacob is fascinated with them, and I'll admit that I am, too. 

How is my beloved Heather? I miss riding her across the meadows and hills. I have thought about bringing her back to Montana, but I dare not risk her life on the crossing. I will have to settle for a long visit when we come in the spring. 

The sun is hidden behind a sky filled with gray clouds, but I see that I have dallied long enough. Ethan said he has a surprise for us, but won't give me a hint about it. I'll tell you all about it in the next letter. 

My deepest love to you and Iain. 


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