Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Books and Benches Monthly Contest: July with B.J. Daniels

July 2014 Giveaway
NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author B.J. Daniels is this month's Books & Benches featured author!

The highly anticipated continuation of the  Cardwell Ranch Collection read by more than  2 MILLION!

Saving her once was risky. Rescuing her again may be fatal. 

When Hayes Cardwell arrived in Big Sky, Montana, for his brother's wedding, the Texas P.I. didn't expect to play hero. But ever since he saved her from a brutal abductor, he can't get McKenzie Sheldon out of his mind and heart. As passion blindsides him, Hayes vows to protect the beautiful business owner from once again becoming the target of a killer intent on finishing the job. 

McKenzie was drawn to Hayes from the moment she awoke and saw the tall, dark cowboy who'd rushed to her rescue like some Western fantasy. With his lean, sexy looks and fierce protective instincts, the gun-shy bachelor is already lassoing her heart. But can he protect her from a danger that's much closer than they think…a killer hiding in plain sight who's about to spring a final trap?
Enter now to win an autographed print edition!
Find the author online at http://www.bjdaniels.com 

 About the Giveaway
On the first weekday of every month, a new contest/giveaway will begin, and every month the process is simple. I call it the "Books & Benches Contest." Basically you share or talk about your favorite books and/or reading spots.

A new author is featured every month, all month long through December 2014. 

AUGUST - Theresa Rizzo
SEPTEMBER - Kaki Warner
OCTOBER -  Regan Walker
NOVEMBER - Caroline Clemmons
DECEMBER - multiple authors

It really is a simple contest, but I can be long-winded, hence all the words. 

You can enter in one of three ways, but please enter your info on THIS FORM, so that we can easily add you to the drawing. The form is also located below. 

It's really this easy. 
Commment on the blog/featured post about your favorite book or reading spot, and tell us why you love it. 

If you want to do more . . . 
  1. Share a picture of your favorite bench or reading spot (or one you really like) on my or the featured author's Facebook page with the caption "Books & Benches Contest." You may also share one on your Facebook page with a link back to this post. 
  2. Click here to send me an EMAIL with the subject line "Books & Benches Contest," and include a picture of your favorite bench or reading spot. Only choose this option if you'd like to see your photo shared in a blog post at the end of the month.
At the end of each month, one winner will be drawn. The prizes will vary and may include gift cards, books, or other fun items. Winners are chosen randomly based upon entering, and not based upon the type of entry.

Just three easy rules for readers/entrants: 
  1. Only one entry per month, per person.
  2. Keep everything clean. 
  3. If you don't own a picture, or have the right to share it, please don't email it. If you do own it, by sending it you are giving me permission to possibly post it on this blog, citing you as the owner (name required). Photos shared on Facebook will be not shared on this blog.

NOTE: Someone who wins one month, will not be eligible to win for the next three months. This helps to ensure the contest remains fair for everyone. I will not be choosing the winners. That task is left to an automated computer sorter thing. 

ALSO NOTE: In the past, I've not been able to contact winners because there was no way to contact them and another winner had to be chosen. Please be sure to include your info on the form so this does not happen to you. 

You may read the FTC info and disclosures by clicking here.

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