Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Venture: Potterton House Author Services

I love new ventures! There's something about the planning, plotting, and executing of a new business that I find exhilarating. It's similar to starting a new book. The idea forms, it grows, you plan, you agonize over the time it will take, plan some more, until finally the idea just won't go away.

Since becoming a published author, I have learned to love the business of publishing as much as the creative aspects. I enjoy seeing authors succeed as they watch their dreams come true. This is why, with the help of a few like-minded individuals, I started Potterton House Author Services. Since many of the blog readers are just readers and not writers, I'm not going to lay out all of the details here. For those who are writers, you can read all about the players, services (lots of great stuff), and how it came about (good story). 

And now for a random and fun fact about the name. 

The name Potterton was chosen from Potterton Burn, a river, but it is also the name of a village north of Aberdeen, Scotland, in Aberdeenshire, west of Balmedie. There is another village by the same name in West Yorkshire. I have neither seen the river or visited the village (but I plan to next trip), but I liked the name, and that's generally all it takes for me to choose one.

If you want to check out our latest website project, and an awesome author of Historical Scottish Romance, visit Vonda Sinclair's new website. Her images of Scotland are stunning!

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