Monday, May 5, 2014

Garden Spoils and Monday News

It certainly feels like a Monday. It's always difficult for me to get back into the "swing" after I take time off. I took a few days last week to play in the gardens while the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny for this time of year. By the time Saturday afternoon came around, my body was only semi-functioning and in desperate need of a visit to the chiropractor. That said, physical labor always satisfies me in a way that sitting at a computer, even doing what I love (yep, writing) doesn't. 
Saturday ended with a visit to two local greenhouses, and I walked away with plenty of spoils for my hanging baskets. I gazed longingly at row after row of perennials, and mourned a little when I realized I had no room left in my gardens for more. Last year I managed to fill every dirt nook and rocky cranny with flowers. I already had to expand one of the smaller beds to find a spot for one of three new red peony plants that arrived last week. I couldn't resist two new delphinium plants, but I have to now find a home for them in one of the numerous beds.
This got me thinking about the Gallaghers and their ranch, Hawk's Peak. What garden fun I could have with that much land! I've always dreamed of a large (as in super large) greenhouse and an expansive walled in garden, surrounded by stone, with a gazebo and waterfall inside. Ah, dreams. Until that happens, I'll settle for my lovely cottage-style gardens on the lake. 
I did give myself a break to watch a few episodes of The White Queen based on three of Phillipa Gregory's books (The Cousins' War trilogy). I haven't read the books yet, but I was quickly drawn into the show. I do have to ask what is going on with all the sex? This would be a perfect show, in my opinion, if they cut out all the sex scenes. Sure, I can skip them, which I do, but why do they feel it's necessary? It's a shame really because everything else about The White Queen is phenomenal! The acting, the romance, the intrigue, the writing - all excellent. Of course I will watch the rest, but I won't be ordering the dvd's as I normally would to watch over and over again. A person can take only so much fast forwarding. 
Have you seen the show? If so, what do you think about it? 

Now for tidbits of news! 
Production for the Gallagher series audio books is underway! I won't have the release dates for a little while yet, but I'm so dang excited. I love audio books, and I believe these narrators will do the Gallaghers justice. 

I am also joining together with three talented authors for a short story Christmas collection to be released in October. I'm going Christmas crazy this year because I also have the Gallagher's Christmas novel coming out in November. What a year this is going to be! 

And to close, if you have a few minutes before you go out into the world and enjoy fresh air and people, this video is worth watching. 

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