Friday, May 16, 2014

Audio Books!

I love audio books! I would happily give up listening to music in my car on long road trips if I could find enough audio book CD's. Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out the whole Audible/downloaded audio book movement. My inability to keep up with the times hasn't stopped my books from moving to the next level. The Montana Gallaghers and British Agents get a voice!

Over the next 6-8 months, production on all three Gallagher books, and the first two British Agent books, will take place. The narrators have been chosen, and I couldn't be more pleased with each of them. It was a tough choice because I listened to a few samples I really liked, but I needed strong voices that could pass for "historical," and managed to narrow it down. 

There will be two narrators for the Gallagher series (one male, one female), and one narrator for the British Agents.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to listen to downloaded audio books in the car.

How do you listen to audio books? Download? CD? Both?

Do you have any great audio books that you could recommend? I've found some on CD recently, and like to snatch up those when I find them. I have a great Louis L'Amour collection narrated by Willie Nelson. Awesome is the word. I have a few of Nora Roberts and Johanna Lindsey on audio, along with some new Julie Garwood, but I'm still on the hunt for more.


  1. I have never developed an interest in audio books. We don't go on long trips and even if we did, hubby and I can't agree on a radio station so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't listen to a book!

  2. I have found them best for the car, but since I live in Montana and everything requires you drive at least 20-30 minutes if not more, I get some extra reading in. I've come to enjoy them more since my writing and work schedule don't allow for as much evening reading as I would like. Maybe you'll covert the hubby! :)

  3. I only have 3 or 4 audio books on my kindle. I have Dear John by Nicolas Sparks on CD's. I would love to hear that one narrated by Willie Nelson because I love Willie. My mother in law borrows them from the book mobile all the time.

  4. The Louis L'Amour cd's read by Willie are a collection of short stories, but they're great. It may be that those CD's will make an appearance in July's Western Roundup Giveaway Hop. :)