Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Writer in the Garden: Weekend Planting and Blooms

If you're not one for gardens, you might want to skip this post. :)  I live at the end of a private, dead-end road. I do this on purpose because I'm one of those individuals who doesn't like it when visitors show up without calling, or when strangers drive through just to turn around. I know, a bit anti-social. The downside to this is that few people actually see the gardens unless they're a friend coming over for a visit, which is why I enjoy sharing the pictures and progress on here. 

I sometimes think of Mia, the character from Nora Roberts's Three Sisters Island trilogy (great trilogy by the way). Whenever her gardens were described, I kept thinking at how so many people missed out on seeing them. My gardens aren't up to Mia's, but they are a solace for me. I won't see many blooms until mid-June, but I can always picture how it will look, and that makes me work harder to ensure the gardens will be the best I can make them. 

I love when the pear trees begin to blossom. There are two in the yard, and boy do the deer and bears love them. 

While flower shopping on Friday, I was so good and almost stuck to my list of annuals I needed to finish off some pots and borders. I have no more room for perennials, but that didn't stop me from stopping and staring at this lovely rose. It took less than a minute to convince myself that it was a necessary purchase. I created a new extension onto one of the flower beds, and it was worth it. 

Pansies have such happy faces. I like the Frizzle Sizzle combinations (those are the ones with the ruffled edges).  Tulips welcome the spring gardens, and dahlias offer up their bright blooms with the promise of more to come. 

If it wasn't for gardening, I don't believe I'd enjoy the warmer months. 

Writing reminds me in some ways of gardening. Year after year the roots become stronger, the blooms fuller, and the enjoyment greater. With writing, each new year should bring a stronger skill set and a deeper foundation, our prose and descriptions become more vibrant, and our joy at what we've accomplished and shared, much more special.


  1. Wonderful pictures, MK. Love the analogy between gardening and writing!

  2. I try to find a comparison to writing with everything I do now. :)