Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Writer in the Garden: Spring Containers

Last week I took advantage of some beautiful spring weather and headed out to the garden. We still have another month before we'll begin to see any real growth, but it's always exciting to watch the blooms slowly unfold. The buds and the trees are begging to "pop," and the rose stems are beginning to green. 

This is one of my favorite planters. This year the clay pots were painted green because I was in the mood for some color. Every year I plant begonias here since this is nestled in the only shaded area of the garden.

The front of the house hanging baskets were planted, and boy did we score. The annuals aren't normally so full this time of year, and even a couple of the ladies at the garden center mentioned that everything seemed to be a couple of weeks ahead in terms of growth. Fine by me. I usually have to wait until the first of June for the baskets to look like this. Just wait until summer - they should be bursting!

There are three of these deck baskets, and each year it's an experiment to see what plants work best. There's often wind on the lake, so I needed plants that could tough out the tough weather. In previous years, the plants only have a chance to grow halfway before the wind and storms whip them around. This year, the fiber optic grasses, ivy, and an awesome purple hanging plant whose name at the moment escape me, are (I predict) going to be the perfect combination of toughness and color.

These beautiful bushes grow wild all over the property and up and down the road, and dang it, I can't remember the name of these either, but I do have it written down. Anyway, the blooms don't last long, but they cover our hill and make for a nice display behind the backyard fence.

I'm not quite done cleaning up this bed, and it still needs the decorative bark, but I wanted to get my new heather plants into the ground. Technically speaking, they shouldn't be planted this close together, but the conditions of the part of the garden work great for heather and I can always move them around later. The heather plants are the four small ones that look like tiny shrubs. They are one of my favorite plants. Do you have a favorite plant or flower?

The lilacs want to show their beautiful colors, but we're not quite there. The bushes are boasting more buds this year than in previous years, and I can't wait for them to bloom. There are always plenty to cut and set around inside. You can walk in the front door and everything smells like spring.

I have a lot more going on in the garden, but as always, it takes a lot of work and time. Do you enjoy gardening? Flowers or veggies? Bushes or cacti?

The weather is nice enough this week for me to enjoy long writing and reading sessions outdoors. My stack of reading books is growing faster than I can keep up these days, but I'm always on the lookout for another great book. Do you have any great "garden" books you like to read?

I plan to finish up Cholama Moon by Anne Schroeder in the next couple of days, and then I'll move onto The Collector by Nora Roberts.  I've been meaning to read Dorothy Dunnett’s books, and I bought one last Christmas and haven't read it yet (pathetic), so she's definitely moving to the top of my reading pile. 


  1. I like looking at a pretty flower garden, but having a bad back tends to preclude me from actually doing a lot of work in them. We have mostly bushes becasue they are low maintenance. I had some lovely double Irises but the drought and water restrictions did away with them, although I noticed them peaking through, so maybe they'll return with some lovely flowers. I love lilacs and had a lot of them when I lived in NYS. Haven't been able to find any in Texas. I love the pictures of your gardens - just gorgeous!

  2. Thanks, Karen! I couldn't garden as much as I do without twice-monthly visits to the chiropractor (bad back, too). Iris are tough, so I'm not surprised they returned. They are such a nice addition to a garden. I'll keep sharing the garden pictures. :) The lilacs should bloom soon!