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A Woman's Point of View: An Interview with Alaina and Rhona

MK: First, let me say how lovely it is to be here with you both at Claiborne Manor. It's truly stunning.
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Alaina: It's my pleasure to have you here. Is this your first visit to England? 

MK: Yes, though I daresay it won't be long enough. I thank you for taking the time from your busy lives. 

Alaina: Rhona and I have been talking about this for days!

Rhona: Well, it's rare that we have a moment without husbands or children underfoot, but you're not here to talk about our domestic lives.

MK: Some of it, absolutely. I find it fascinating how you manage to lead such normal lives at home while your men are off doing whatever they do.

Alaina: I've found that staying busy helps to keep my mind off the danger they find themselves in.

Rhona: Oh, I agree, but I'm glad they have each other while they're on assignment.

Alaina: The fretting only gets worse, but I do feel a bit more at ease when I know Tristan isn't working alone.

MK: Do they ever go on solo missions?

Rhona: Unfortunately, yes. Rhona grins. However, if Charles hadn't been alone on his mission to Scotland to spy on my father, he and I might not have had a chance together.

Alaina: Do you really think so? I see you two together and I can't imagine anyone else for our Charles.

Rhona: You are a dear friend, Alaina. I feel the same way when I look at you and Tristan.

MK: Have either of you ever been on assignment with the men?

Alaina and Rhona glance at each other and smile.

Alaina: Yes, but not because they wanted us there.

Rhona: After that last mission, I thought Charles was going to lock in me a tower somewhere and toss the key over the cliffs.

Alaina: Would you have blamed him?

Rhona: Well, no.

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MK: Uh, what happened?

Rhona: Top secret, my dear. Rhona leans in and speaks in a whisper. I can tell you that were it not for a few womanly wiles, our men might not have lived through it.

MK: Really?

Alaina: Really. I'm forever grateful to Rhona for her quick thinking.

Rhona: You gave me the idea.

Alaina: I did? Well that's smashing.

MK: You both must miss them terribly when they're gone.

Alaina: More and more, but it's a part of who they are. Loving them means accepting what they do.

Rhona: Not to mention that it's exciting.

Alaina: Rhona, you can't possibly like it.

Rhona: Not the danger, no, but the adventure!

Alaina: Rhona has an adventurous spirit.

MK: That's wonderful! What has been your greatest adventure, Rhona?

Rhona: I joined Charles shortly after our reunion, to his utter dismay, and nearly got us both killed in the process.

MK: And that was exciting?

Rhona: More than you can imagine. Although, living with Charles is a daily adventure.

Alaina: How right you are. I have fond memories of my excursion to America with Tristan.

Rhona: Charles and Devon told me that you worried them to no end.

Alaina: Yes, well, before I became a mother, I might have been a bit careless.

MK: What about Devon? Does he have someone special in his life?

Rhona: Not exactly.

MK: What do you mean?

Alaina: She means that we suspect Devon has set his sights upon someone, but we can't confirm anything.

Rhona: Only a matter of time.

MK: Can you give us a hint?

Alaina: Oh no, my dear. Devon has kept this quite under his belt. We wouldn't want to spoil things.

Rhona: Do you think Tristan and Charles know?

Alaina: Not likely.

MK: Then how do you know?

Rhona and Alaina send each other conspiratorial smiles.

Alaina: Our husbands may be the agents, but don't discount our talents, my dear.

MK: I find your lives truly fascinating. Will we see more of you?

Rhona: Count on it.

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  1. I love Alaina and can't wait to meet Rhona!

    1. She can't wait to meet you! :) She was fun to write once I figured her out. It took a couple of drafts to realize that Rhona wasn't going to be an easy one, but we became good friends.