Monday, April 21, 2014

Subtle Springtime in Montana and Glorious Blooms in Vermont

We still have snow on the mountains, and it's a little cold and windy, but spring won't be kept at bay any longer.  The lilac buds are just beginning to emerge, and the young leaves on the fruit trees (above) are ready to soak up the sunshine and warmth.

My favorite thing about springtime is the sense of renewal. Everything from the earth below our feet, to the sky above, and the creatures upon, experience remarkable and beautiful changes in the spring. It's also a time when I reevaluate my plans, and this spring is no different. In fact, I've been making a lot of changes lately, and I'm thrilled about them!
I've been given the chance to become an almost full-time writer. Now, for an author that's a big deal. It means more writing time, more books, and a lot more fun. In addition to Blackwood Crossing coming out this year, readers will also get the next Gallagher book. Have I mentioned yet that it's a Christmas story? More of the romance, adventure, tears, laughter, and family that readers have come to expect from the Gallaghers.
Nara likes springtime, too, because it means more time on the decks.
I hope you'll join me by celebrating all of the wonderful things that can happen in this time of growth and renewal. Perhaps you have changes you'd like to make in your life? Have you mapped out a plan to make those changes happen?
Writing down your goals is a great way to begin. I know that when I make a list, and then put that list someplace where I'll see it daily, it's tough to ignore. The list stands as a reminder that unless I get up and make things happen, they never will.
Spring may take longer to show itself in Montana, but it really knows how to make an appearance in Vermont! A few years back I was able to enjoy the spring season on a 200-year old farmhouse.  I didn't care much for the summer (too hot and humid), but spring was glorious! Here are a few pictures of the brilliant green and bright blooms at the farm. 

Wherever you live, whatever you do, my best wishes to you for a beautiful spring, and continual growth.

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