Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Name and URL for Author MK McClintock's Blog

This is a public service announcement. "Public" being you, the readers of this blog, and anyone else in cyberspace who may read this. If you don't care, feel free to skip reading this post. My feelings won't be hurt. My heart won't be crushed . . . much.

Moving on!

I have been conducting one of my many internal debates, this time about the blog. I've made some minor adjustments and changes over the past year, but it's time to make a BIG change - a regrettable one - at least at first.  I've since warmed up to the idea, because when life happens we're better off focusing on the positive.

My old custom URL has been hijacked, and it appears the only thing the web/registar people can agree on it to pass the blame between one another, but that's another story. Because patience is not a virtue I possess in great quantity, I thought it prudent to let the web people duke things out while I choose a new domain.

And that new blog name is! In full disclosure, I didn't come up with the name, but mom did, so it's still in the family.

Yep, it's not my author name, but I was in the mood for something different, and when I get in a mood . . .

Anyway, there you have it. The new URL ( will now be the new official blog address for me, the author, MK McClintock.

Accept no substitutions, hackers, impersonators, etc. 

IMPORTANT to NOTE! The current URL, automatically redirects, so if that's what you have bookmarked, no need to update unless you want to. 


  1. Sorry you got hacked - love your new blog name!

    1. It's my first experience with it, but I suppose in this day and age it's bound to happen. At least it wasn't the blog itself. I like the new name too, and I plan to have some fun with it! Thank you, as always, for being such a loyal follower!