Sunday, April 27, 2014

Montana Weekend Weather in Pictures

I was in Cut Bank, MT Friday night and Saturday for the final Montana Storytelling Roundup. When I left home early Friday afternoon, it was a little overcast, but lovely with the combination of sun, clouds, and snow-topped mountains. 

The drive up toward Glacier National Park were also beautiful. I drove up through the park on the east side in order to reach Cut Bank. It's always a magnificent drive. 

Then on Saturday morning, when I awoke rested and ready for the day, I thought to take a nice long walk before I left to set up at the local high school. I pulled back the curtain on the window to this lovely spring weather. 

Thankfully, the plows had cleared the roads and the snow stopped falling at the perfect time. I was able to make it home without fuss. When I reached East Glacier on the drive back, mist and clouds covered the mountains, and rain fell on and off.

Back at home, and it's another glorious day in Montana.


  1. Gorgeous photos.

    THANKS for sharing.

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  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Verna. It's tough to take them while driving, but there's always something I see and know I'll want to share later.