Monday, April 7, 2014

A Typical Day in the Life

A typical day begins.
Wake up anytime between 4:30 am and 6:30 am - all depends on when I fell asleep the night before. When I stay up too late reading, then it can be as late as 7:00 am, but my brain doesn't let me sleep past the rising of the sun. During the summer the sun comes up around 5:00 and sets between 10 and 11, so those are nice long days. 

Anyway, it's the same thing every morning. Pull back curtains to let in the morning sun or moonlight. Dogs then take priority. Snap on their collars and let them out. Fiddle around in the kitchen, drink water, turn on the kettle so I can fix my tea later, then let dogs in. 

Head back downstairs, brush teeth. If it's a workout morning, then I take care of that, shower, make bed (yep, 6 out of 7 days), tidy up the room. Birds are next. Change their food and water, make sure they have treats, then turn on the nature/music dvd for them to enjoy during the day. 

Dogs get a walk - the time of morning depends on the time of year. Return, feed dogs, fix tea, get breakfast, and head downstairs to the office. 

Emails and social media are first because I like to get them out of the way. I usually answer emails or respond to readers online at brief intervals throughout the day. I feel more useful when I'm multi-tasking. 

I always take care of my business work at the start of the day so I'm not interrupted while writing. Unless I recognize the number, I don't answer when the phone rings. Most people I work with know that I prefer email to phones, and I'm on every possible 'Do Not Call' list available. 

Up and down the stairs all day long to refill my water cup. I have a fridge in the office, but the stairs workout gets me out of the chair. So does letting the dogs in an out. They have a dog door, but it's in the kitchen door going outside (only door in the house for it) and they're trained not to go into the kitchen, so they won't use it. 

Write for a while, or edit, or rewrites depending upon what I'm working on. Right now it's rewrites for a British Agent novel, and then it will be into full edits. While the book is with the editor, I start outlining and writing the next book. 

A few interruptions, but I'm easily distracted so I grumble and tell people to stop bothering me. The dogs don't listen, but if they ran a lot on the walk, they pretty much sleep most of the day. 

Take a break for lunch - nothing fancy - but I get away from the computer for a few minutes. Walk around, stretch, walk out on the deck for fresh air and enjoy the water and mountains. Back to work. 

I write/edit/rewrite until about 5 or 5:30. Feed the dogs and fix dinner. If I know it's going to be a busy week, I make a lot of meals and then freeze them. Tonight it's spaghetti - my go-to busy night meal. French bread is fresh from the oven just like I like. I prefer Laughing Cow cheese spread over my bread. 

If my brain is fried, I'll ignore my creative side that's telling me to go back downstairs and write more. On those nights I cozy up and read or watch a couple of episodes (on dvd or Amazon). Right now I'm enjoying season 3 of NCIS, though I haven't warmed up to Kate's replacement. 

After I've felt lazy for long enough, I read or go back down to the office to work and answer a few more emails. 

I get ready for bed, let the dogs out one last time, climb into bed, and read until my eyes and brain can't take being awake any longer. That generally happens anywhere between 9-10pm. Sleep. Wake up. Begin again. 

Weekends are another story. Once in a while I take a day off, especially if I realized I haven't left the house/property for four or more days. That's when I venture into the world, do a little shopping, and converse with live human beings I don't know or see every day. I lose track of time and get caught up in my work, which is why the occasional vacation, holiday, or road trip is so important. 

This is a typical day in this writer's life.

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  1. We all have our routines, don't we? I'm a late to bed (between 11-12) and early to rise person (between 5-7, depending on how much my back hurts) person. One day's activities seem to be a mirror of the previous day. Our weekends are Sunday and Monday and usually filled with housework and laundry and preparing what food I can for the week. Sometimes we hit the flea markets. Not much excitement in our lives at the moment.