Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Men of Hawk's Peak, and a Sneak Peek

I love the Gallaghers--what they stand for, how they treat others, and their amazing strength. Believe me, they've taken on lives of their own, and they never fail to surprise me. However, in the middle of all that surprise, I love that I'm spending all that time with sexy men who ride horses.  

The release of the boxed set has brought me closer to them. Reading every word again and again, becoming a part of their lives, embracing their ideals, crying with them, laughing with them, and falling in love with them.  

Adventure. Romance. Revenge.
Amidst the rugged beauty of Montana is a ranch known as Hawk's Peak, and in case you haven't met them yet, these are the cowboys of Hawk's Peak, and a little recipe on how to wrangle one of your own.

Ethan Gallagher (Gallagher's Pride) is stubborn and sometimes infuriating – he's also gorgeous, chivalrous and for the right woman, he has a heart bigger than the big sky. 

Gabriel Gallagher (Gallagher's Hope) is charming and easy-going - he's also ruggedly handsome, chivalrous, and for the right woman, he'll find a way to give her the stars. 

Ramsey Hunter (Gallagher's Choice) is a quiet drifter who enjoys solitude - he's also a darker, handsome version of his sister, chivalrous, and for the right woman, he'll give up his drifter ways. 

19th-Century Recipe for a Cowboy
Equal parts tall, dark, and handsome

2 parts horse expert

2 parts chivalry

A heaping spoonful of loyalty

1 part cattle wrangler

A dash of superior lip skills

A dollop of 'willing to move heaven and earth for the woman he loves'

Bake at steaming hot temperatures until full cooked.

Enjoy at your leisure.

Note: I've shared the cowboy recipe before, and originally wrote it for a 2012 book tour stop at Coffee Time Romance. I love it, and the Gallaghers, so now I share it yet again.


  1. I love the Gallaghers, too and I'm really looking forward to Ramsey's story. Great recipe!!

  2. Love the recipe!

  3. The recipe is one of the big reasons I love western romance as my main reading genre. I was raised on a farm/ranch and grew up with the cowboy code as a way of life. Thanks for your post MK. I love your stories.

    1. It's why I love writing western romance. :) They take you back to another time with a better way of life (to my thinking). Thanks, Janice!