Sunday, February 16, 2014

My #1 Distraction

I'm easily distracted, which is why before I sit down to write, I have to make sure the dogs have been walked, fed, and are happy. That the birds are fed, watered, and happy. That the house is clean (including the dishes), that emails have been answered, and that anything else that could possibly distract me has been seen to. Only then can I shut everything out and focus on writing and edits at the computer. I can go days without updating social media, I don't like cell phones (so no distraction there), and I really do plan ahead so I encounter as few distractions as possible while writing.

Despite all of my planning, there is one distraction that can pull me out of my "zone." Eagles. I walk out of my office and past the windows (one side of the house is almost all windows), and there I see it, a bald eagle flying against the wind, swooping down to the water, and then back up again. Eager to see what it was after, I reach for the binoculars. A solitary duck is diving below the surface to avoid the eagle's clutches. 

Then another eagle joins in the hunt. Then another. Then a fourth. I'm jumping for joy right about now, and not because I want them to catch the duck, but because it's a rare sight. I race back to my office for my camera, hoping the eagles will still be there when I return. They had stopped hunting and began to fly away - too fast for me to get them as a group - but I did manage to capture these beautiful creatures in a few frames. 

This is one distraction I'm happy to have, and keep. 

What distractions do you enjoy?

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