Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Time to Leap!

First, it's blast to the past time with a picture of me fishing at a hidden lake. In fact, it's so hidden that I don't remember which one it is, except that it's somewhere in Idaho, which is where I lived at the time. Anyway, I don't think you could call this fishing, but sixteen years ago, this method seemed to work just fine for me. Really, I was just there for the hike and the water. I want to hike right now, and swim in the lake, but it's still too cold for that. I don't miss living in Idaho, but I will admit that I miss being able to wear a size 2 . . . okay, looking away now. 

Now, for more recent news . . . I'm finally making a few public appearances as an author this year. I've fought it because I don't enjoy crowds, or being at the center of attention for any reason, but it's time. I need to do this for me, for my writing, and for you. Have I said lately how much I love all of you? Readers are amazing people. After all, you're the main reason I'm taking this leap. 

I'm going to start out slow with an appearance at the Missoula Women's Fair. That one should be fun since me and few other MT authors will have a booth among many, so it won't be direct attention. The second one is making me a little nervous, but it should be fun as well. I was invited this year to be a presenter at the Montana Storytellers Roundup. I will do two short readings from one of my books, and then present two one-hour workshops. Basically it's just me reading and talking about books and writing, so it should be fairly easy. 

The third event I have scheduled is at the Montana Romance Writers Conference in Bozeman in October. I haven't been to one yet, mostly because I don't normally enjoy those types of events (have I mentioned my dislike for crowds), but this year I'm on the board, and I want to be there to support my fellow writers. There are some amazing writers in the group, and I've enjoyed getting to know them, but now it's time to meet them in person!

There are a few other small things I may attend in between, but I have two books to finish and release this year, a couple of writing contests to judge, and a new business to start up (because that's another thing I like to do). 

I've had a few delays with my latest book, Blackwood Crossing, but it's coming along well, and the book should be out in April. There's a children's book series I've wanted to write, and I've finally found an illustrator who I believe would do the series justice. She doesn't illustrate books, but she's immensely talented, and has been illustrating/drawing for many years. I don't want to say who it is until she and I have a chance to talk, but she said illustrating a children's book is on her bucket list (here's to hoping it works out). Oh, and I have the next fifteen years of my writing career planned. I could use Calvin's cloning box right about now. 

Needless to say, it's going to be a great (and busy) year. 
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  1. Wish I lived in Montana so I would have the chance to meet you, MK. Traveling is not in the budget, so I will have to be content with reading your wonderful books. Sounds like you have a year full of adventures! Enjoy.

  2. Perhaps someday we'll have a chance to meet. I do love to travel when the chance arises. Have a lovely day, Karen, and thanks for stopping by!

  3. I've always wanted to visit Montana...during the Summer. :-) I'd love to visit a Dude Ranch and do some stream fishing. Sigh. I'll just keep reading your books I guess, though, MK. :-)

    1. I would definitely recommend during the summer, especially if you prefer warm weather. Autumn is simply beautiful around here, and it generally doesn't get cold until the end of October. We have some of the best fishing in the country. I want to learn how to fly fish. I've only had one lesson, and I'm wasn't a great student, but I'm determined. I have many more Montana-based books planned. :) Thank you, Janice!