Monday, January 27, 2014

5 Must-Have Items for Your Montana Visit

If you plan to visit Montana, and I highly recommend you do, there are a few necessities I suggest you bring along. 

1. A sense of adventure! Montana is a big state, and sometimes you have drive a few lot of miles in order to reach your destination, but it's worth the drive.

2. Time. Schedule enough time so you aren't rushed. Even living here, it's easy to spend a full day exploring a ghost town or hiking through Glacier National Park. 

3. Clothes for every occasion. If you visit in the summer, you're less likely to run into wonky weather, but come prepared with at least light layers in case you decide to venture into the mountains. If you visit any other time of year, come prepared for hiking, walking, rain, snow, wind, or sun. Also in the summer, don't forget your water clothes/toys. There are plenty of lakes and rivers to enjoy.

4. A plan. This is an odd suggestion coming from me since I will often get in the car and explore, but if you've never been here, it's wise to bring along a guide book, a map, or directions to a few places you'd like to see. If you're friendly to Montanans, they're friendly right back, and most will be happy to guide you to where you're going. 

5. Copies of the Montana Gallagher books! They'll get you "in the mood."

Actually, the first four items pretty much sums up what you'll most need when visiting our great state of Montana. Plan for a great time, spectacular scenery, and a lot of outdoor fun. We do have some "cities" and towns with a little night life, theaters, museums, and art galleries. 

Now that you have a plan and a list, enjoy your next Montana holiday. There's a reason why I set most of my books in this amazing place. 

Disclaimer: The glorious state of MT did not ask me to write this post. It's a free and unsolicited opinion on the awesomeness of the place I call home. 


  1. Thanks for the tips :) One of these days I would love to see Montana. On a side note, I LOVE the edits you made to your book covers. They look great!

    1. Life is pretty easy going up here . . . except for right now since we've got a nice mini-blizzard happening. :) Thanks--I like the cover changes too. Wanted to make the change before the next Gallagher book came out this year.

  2. Oh, I would just love to visit Montana! Your pictures are just amazing.

    1. All credit for the beauty goes to Montana. :) Awesome place to visit.