Sunday, December 1, 2013

December: A Winter Wonderland Adventure

December is upon us, and I have plans to engage in simple pleasures, play in the snow, and wait for the "magic" of the season to surround me.
I'm going to spend a little more time here.
 . . . and hanging out with Nara
 . . . oh, and I'll be spending time here too.
Slowly the snow descends from the heavens, 
fluttering to the earth with exquisite care,
covering the solid dampness with white bounty. 
The chilled air caresses my skin and the sun is beyond reach,
breath echoes through the coldness, seen in the vastness of the sky.
The deer come out to play and the bear is plump,
ready for a blissful slumber.
No two flakes alike, uniqueness evident in every drop of white rain.
Clouds hover high, bringing the promise of more angel flakes.
The land is covered and the earth is glorifying in 
a fresh coat of shimmering coolness.
Days are short but memories are forever,
this season of everlasting. 
'Tis the magic of the snow, the magic of the crystal moon,
and the magic of an unforgettable time.

-May the coming month be filled with joy, thanks, giving, and remembrance. 
-MK McClintock


  1. I love these pictures. What kind of dog is Nara? She's beautiful.

    Christi Corbett

    1. Thanks Christi! She's a Saint Bernard, and thankfully a smaller one! :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures, as always. Have been out of the loop dealing with the flu and just beginning to raise my head off the pillow. Just in time for the ice storm!