Monday, November 4, 2013

November: Longing for Snow and Baking Turkey with 10 Reasons

November is a lovely time of year in Montana because we never know what it will bring. It's cold, of course, but we sometimes wonder if we'll have three feet of snow on the ground or if it will only be covered in leaves. Personally, I prefer the years when the snow begins the first part of November, just after we've enjoyed the last of autumn for Halloween. 

When the snow begins to fall, the fires crackle, and I find myself in the mood to switch from baking Halloween treats to comfort food, perhaps trying new holiday recipes for Thanksgiving. No matter what the weather, November is the time of year when I begin to be a more productive writer. The time for tending gardens is long past as plants have gone dormant for the winter, and I find myself with an insane number of extra hours. Some of those are spent enjoying the outdoors, but many of them are now dedicated to writing. Whether by the fire, at my desk overlooking the lake, or in my office free of distractions, I become a more energetic writer during the winter months. 

In the meantime, I will be playing in the leaves and hopefully the snow, basking in the quiet of the season, and putting forth all of my writing time and efforts into my current book.

May you have a beautiful November!
-MK McClintock

Blog Changes and Social Media 
A few months back I mentioned some changes that would be coming. I've made the transition slowly, but the time has officially come. These changes can be seen under Blog Schedule on the Blog Info page.

Outside of my weekly or periodic posts, you will still find me on Facebook and Pinterest, but I will also be cutting back on my time there. I'm also on Twitter, but I'm not any good at it, so I don't try. Twitter is simply a news feed for me. 

My newsletter will be sent out only when there are special offers, announcements, or book release information. When you enter your email where it says "Sign up for MK's Newsletter," that is the for the periodic newsletter. 

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for MK's Newsletter
  1. No spam. Only news.
  2. It only goes out when there's something to say or something in it for you. 
  3. Be the first in the know about upcoming releases and other cool stuff. 
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  5. Advance notice of all other special offers and events. 
  6. A chance to sign up for Advanced Reader Review copies of new releases.
  7. Because sometimes I give stuff away. It's a habit I have no hope of breaking. 
  8. Because despite some opinions, I still think newsletters can be cool. 
  9. Because all of the cool kids are doing it (I always wanted to be one of the cool kids).
  10. Because the annual newsletter giveaway is awesome. 


  1. Already signed up for your newsletter. I am behind in following and commenting on your blog, but I do save them for when I can devote the proper amount of time to them - I enjoy them very much.

  2. See, you are one of the "cool kids" already. :) I think sometimes you're better at commenting on my blog than I am, Karen. I love that you visit all of the time--many thanks.