Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October: Writing, Autumn, and My Favorite Holiday

"All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travellers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken."
-Thomas Wolfe  

October happens to be one of my favorite months, due in part because autumn is at its best (my favorite season), and because for the entire month my house is filled with witches, cobwebs, and many things Halloween. A year ago I was gifted with two delightful witch "dolls" which my mother purchased in New England, and though I gave up "collecting" dolls a couple of decades ago, I am now enthusiastic about adding to this fun collection. 
I'm well into the first draft of Blackwood Crossing, the second of my British Agent Novels. I'm back in England (mentally) for another round with three handsome British agents, although this story is primarily set around Charles Blackwood. Do you remember him from Alaina Claiborne

I will admit that this series is far easier to write than the first three Gallagher books because each of these books is a stand-alone. The delightful characters from Alaina Claiborne are all back, and Charles is as much of a charmer in this one as he was in the last. Perhaps you'll even see his darker side.

I'm also visiting Scotland again, at least in Blackwood Crossing. There's quite a bit of Scotland actually, which means that I'm currently longing for another visit. Thankfully my memories are as fresh as the day I returned from the beautiful Highlands.  

October is also the month when I forget that there is such a thing as 'eating light.' The scent of baking wafts from the kitchen on a daily basis in the form of delicious desserts, hearty stews, and special treats for nieces and nephews. 

If you're in any place that actually gets cold this time of year, soak in the crisp air, surround yourself with warmth, enjoy the crackling fire, and open up a good book. 

What is your favorite season or holiday? What do you love about it? 

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  1. Spring is probably my favorite season because it signals a rebirth to me. Unfortunately, it also brings horrendous allergy issues. Fall is my next favorite because I love the crispness of the air and the change of colors on the trees. Those are memories because we don't get a lot of Fall in Texas. And, what we do get is also fraught with allergy issues.