Sunday, June 2, 2013

Saturday Morning in Grizzly Country

What I find most odd about all the grizzly signs posted throughout Glacier Park, is that I've never seen one. In fact, I've never seen any bear, or moose, or wolves while hiking around Glacier Park. Most people would say I'm lucky, but I've always felt a bit left out. Of course, the wildlife is to be respected, and where I joke, it's not a joking matter, but that doesn't stop me from feeling left out. 

All right, pity time is over. All complaints of not seeing dangerous wildlife aside, Glacier National Park is a spectacular place to visit. The roads are currently only open 14 miles in, because they are working on reclamation and snow-plowing, but there is a lot to see in those 14 miles. I didn't have a chance this time, but hikers/walkers can go past the current road-block. Apparently others agree it's worth the trek, because I swear I saw more out-of-state vehicles than I did Montana plates. That's generally my cue to begin hiking closer to home and leave the park to the tourists for a couple of months, which is what I generally do in July and August. 

Since the road was only open to Avalanche Creek, and I've been up that way a few times already this year, I decided to drive through the west side of the park to Polebridge. In truth, I was merely curious because in all these years, I've never driven up there. A friend used to rave about the pastries at the Polebridge Mercantile, but that's another story.

Fire damage from the 2003 forest fires can still be seen along the west shores of Lake McDonald, but it is greening up. This is a view from the other side. If you are planning a trip to Glacier, don't worry about the scenery--it's breathtaking. This is only one small part of the park, but I enjoy seeing the progress of tree growth. 

I did find what I believe could be my dream property. Unfortunately the Rocky Bar O Ranch wisely claimed it. The land is breathtaking and I can picture the Gallaghers here--couldn't you? 

I stopped on the side of this road to take a picture of the river and mountain peak, and though it didn't turn out the way I wanted, it was a lovely moment. For about ten seconds I was a 'damsel in distress'. Two handsome Montana gentlemen, the kind who look like they could fix a car, fell a tree, and rescue someone from a fire, thought perhaps I was having car trouble. They stopped, and for a moment I really wished I was having car trouble. Instead I groaned inwardly, told them I was only snapping a picture. They smiled and and after a moment, continued on. Stupid car that works perfectly. 

Anyway . . . I got the picture.

I then continued on my way. It was a lovely drive. 

And a lovely day.

And I think river rocks are pretty.


  1. I just love your pictures; they are so very beautiful. I keep going back to look at them!

    1. Thanks Karen. :) I'll keep sharing them! I tend to have more photos to share in summer and autumn because it's easier to get up to the mountains.

  2. Great pictures!! I would love to visit some day.